What Is A Tribute Band And How To Start One

Live band music is extremely popular and thr tribute band supply business is booming – check out this example to see what I mean. Now people tend to confuse a tribute with a cover band, but this is natural because they tend to do the same thing. However, there is a difference between the two. So, what is a tribute band? And how do you start one if you feel like it?

What Is A Tribute Band?

A tribute band plays the covers of a singular band, group or artist. In most cases it’s a band or group. And as expected, a tribute band worships the band they are covering.

Another thing about tribute bands is that the people they are paying tribute to are either retired, disbanded or not among the living anymore.

As for cover bands, they might also follow a single band or group, or they can do multiple artist covers.

How To Start A Tribute Band

Now that you know what a tribute band is, you probably want to start one of your own. The best way to do this is to make a list of bands you’d like to cover. You probably already have a good idea of who you want to cover, but keep in mind you want to start a band. In other words, you might only find musicians interested in other bands you like, which is somewhat bittersweet.

That’s why you want to make a list and keep your options open. Now, list your skills as a musician. List all the instruments you can play, whether you can sing, can you write songs, this is information other musicians will be interested in. It also shows that you are serious about doing it.

Secondly, list what you have to offer in terms of budgeting, hours you’ll be able to practice, arranging possible gigs. Extra skills always come in handy.

Now that you know what you have, you need to fill in the blanks. Start advertising on popular and targeted sites. It’s also wise to keep the search in your nearby vicinity, because it’ll make practice sessions a lot easier.

Make it clear what type of musicians you’re looking for, and that you’re open minded to suggestions. Once you start moving in music circles you’ll get to meet more people focused on the same priorities.

And finally, just keep practicing till you’ve got your own tribute band together. You might not make it to the top, but it’s all about the journey isn’t it?

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